'For the love of makeup'...a love story

by - May 13, 2012

My love affair  with makeup began at an early age when I used to watch my beautiful mother get ready to go out.
The transformation process fascinated me and how she managed to become even MORE beautiful with the application of pink lipstick, orange blusher and blue mascara (all the rage back in the 80's..)

Ever since, I have never been able to wipe those images out of my mind and of course fall out of love with makeup..and how could I after all?
Makeup is not only a means to look better and improve any flaws on the outside, but also something that allows a woman to feel even more confident and beautiful when life's little ups and downs may have caused her to feel otherwise.
It is also a very underrated art form and people unfamiliar with the techniques involved to transform a mere face into a 'canvas' and in turn a work of art, often undermine the level of talent and dedication that is required to educate oneself to be able to perform such artistic feats.

As the years go by I use less bold colours on myself and opt for softer looks, but I love to see young women enjoy their youth by experimenting with all the colours of the rainbow and finding inspiration in the strangest of places, (food related makeup tutorial anyone? )

Thank you to makeup for opening a field of creativity for me after I gave up my job as a singer when I became pregnant with my daughter, and allowing me to express myself artistically using my own face and body (and others!) as a medium to display my imagination with colour, glitter and more!

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